Secret Tips and Tricks to Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021

Rank your gig on fiverr first page 2021

Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021 – Fiverr is the best freelance marketplace/platform for beginners as well as for experts. Some extra features of this freelance platform provide amazing opportunities for beginners to earn and grow earning up to six-figure income yearly.

You can offer services to customers worldwide easily but unfortunately, to start earning and get orders, you must have to rank your gigs on the first page.

And obviously, you are here for that, how to rank gigs on Fiverr first Page 2021. Here I come with 7 Tips and Tricks to Rank your Gig on Fiverr first Page 2021.

First we need to know that How Fiverr’s Search Algorithm Works 2021.

  1. Proper Onpage and Offpage SEO.
  2. Response Time
  3. Order Completion Rate
  4. Positive Rating
  5. Conversion Rate
  6. Online Status of Profile (70% to 80% Ranking depend on this 100% verified)

Let’s start how we can Rank our Gig on Fiverr first Page.

1.1 Proper Onpage SEO:

The first thing which we need to do is on-page SEO. In on-page SEO we need to work on 4 things.

  1. Main Keyword in Gig Title
  2. Main Keyword in Gig Description
  3. Proper Related Keywords in Tags Field
  4. Put the main keyword and related keywords in Image details (Pro Tip)

Main Keyword:

After proper keyword research and finding one main keyword. You need to put the keyword in the keyword title.

For example, our main keyword is “fashion luxury logo” then,

Main keyword in title will be like.

Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021

After that, you must put your main keyword in Gig Description at least 3 times. At the start of the description, after the first paragraph, and then in the last the summary paragraph.

Now one more thing you need to do is put keywords in tags, there we can put a maximum of 5 keywords. So ensure that you put the main keyword in the middle position (3rd place). For example like that.

Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021
Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021

Now time for a Pro Tip:

Firstly the images you placing in your gig thumbnail must be Eye-catching. Now we need to put the main keywords in Image Properties.

Right-click on the image (one by one) and then click on “Properties“. Now click on the “Details” tab, and put all the keywords, as shown in the image. The blue dots details must be fulfilled.

Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021
Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021

1.2. Proper Offpage SEO:

For Offpage SEO, we just need to share our Gig Url on different social media platforms that we generally use. E.g. Facebook freelance pages, Whatsapp groups.

We can also make a Portfolio website for our services and connect with the Fiverr website.

2. Response Time:

Try to keep a good and sudden response time. This will help you in Ranking as well as more Conversion Rate. Response Time is the time that you respond to the first message of a new client.

The best way to keep good response time is, install Fiverr Mobile App.

3. Order Completion Rate

The order completion rate also affects the gig ranking. As you know the Fiverr Level system, Order Completion Rate, Response Rate, On-time Delivery, and Rating must be 90% and above.

So you can get idea how important that will be for Gig Ranking.

4. Positive Rating:

A positive rating directly impacts your gig ranking. As Fiverr browse best sellers for their buyers for the best experience of the buyer. Fiverr will never show your gig on the top first page if your rating is low.

Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021
Rank your Gig on Fiverr First Page 2021

5. Online Status of Profile:

Last but a Pro Tip for you, keep your profile online as much as you can. I heard this on Fiverr Forum from experts and then I implement this.

I am 100% sure that, if your profile status is online for a minimum of 16hours daily, I guaranty your gig will rank on the first page.

Also, keep in mind that if your profile status is online then you will get messages from buyers, So you must keep your eye on Conversion Rate. It depends on you to Respond faster than before someone entertains that buyer.

One more thing buyers come on Fiverr for orders at a specific time. so you need to note the time of your niche-related buyers.

Get your first order faster, so it will help you to rank and become a rated seller. You can also get a first fake review from your friend and family, but ensure you read the policies of Fiverr.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the article, for the appreciation you can make a Fiverr account through our Referral Link. Like Comment and Share with your friends.

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